Advanced WHOIS Instructions

To create a search query:

  1. Select a field from the first dropdown list
  2. Select the filter from the second dropdown list
  3. Enter a value
  4. To add more search conditions, click a boolean operator button. The boolean operators available are AND, OR, NOT. Note: maximum 4 search conditions can be entered.
  5. Click on Search to send query to whois
  6. Results listed below your search query


List of fields:

* Please note that "Contact" includes the Admin, Billing and Technical contacts assigned to a domain. For example the search for "Contact Name" begins with "John Smith" will return all domain names which begins with "John Smith" listed as the name of their Admin, Billing or Technical contact(s)

List of filters:

* Please note that the search values are case insensitive

List of aggregators:

Other buttons:

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